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<anchor role="natural" id="p2001147c9988_83"></anchor><emphasis role="bold">GEARING</emphasis>
<anchor role="natural" id="p2001147c9988_83"></anchor><emphasis role="bold">GEARING</emphasis>by George W. MichalecREFERENCES: Buckingham, “Manual of Gear Design,” Industrial Press. Cunningham, Noncircular Gears, Mach. Des., Feb. 19, 1957. Cunningham and Cunningham, Rediscovering the Noncircular Gear, Mach. Des., Nov. 1,1973. Dudley, “Gear Handbook,” McGraw-Hill. Dudley, “Handbook of Practical Gear Design,” McGraw-Hill. Michalec, “Precision Gearing: Theory and Practice,” Wiley. Shigely, “Enginee…
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